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The following contains our Return Procedures :

You must send us a returnable part before we can reimburse you.  The part must be shipped to us within 15 days after you received the part.  We not accept returns after 15 days if you change your mind, or we shipped you the wrong part.  You can not return a part that is not returnable.  You cannot return a part that is dirty or has been installed.  You cannot return a part in a package that has been damaged.
After determining that you have a part in returnable condition, fill out a return request form in the E Mail that we send you and follow the instructions.
Getting the right part quickly.  If you have a valid reason for return.  The quickest way to get the right part is to order it immediately, and send us back the wrong part.  We consider the fact that you ordered another correct part when we evaluate your return.

Below Are Our Parts Policies

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Return Procedures
Core Return Policy

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