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The following contains our order and shipping policies:

Part order availability, part order cancellation, and parts order return.

Availability: (Drop Ship)  If a part is shown is in the inventory as available it is. You are looking at our central inventory database.  It is very fast and once an order is placed it removes that part from the inventory. You are searching multiple warehouses.  This site gives you great availability.
Availability (Will Call Method Local Delivery):  If a part is shown in the inventory as available it is. It might be in our parts store at 7447 university avenue.  Or sent from our San Diego warehouse to our store. When you place an order we are notified of the order electronically the moment the order is placed. We will either pull the order from inventory and send it to your location, or the part will be delivered to us from our central warehouse (in San DIego or LA) then delivered to you.
Availability (Will Call): If the part is shown in inventory it is available. When your order is placed we are notified electronically.  We will pull the order from our shelf at 7447 University avenue and call you, or have the part shipped from our San Diego warehouse and call you when we receive it. We will also send you a confirmation E Mail.
Parts Order Cancellation: Once a part order is placed, it is very hard to cancel.  Make sure you want the part, and that you are ordering the correct part.  The Drop ship method is an electronic transaction, billing your credit card, and making the parts order.  This can take just a few minutes for the transaction to take place.  It is easier for us to cancel a will call transaction, because the part is being shipped locally or picked up at our parts counter. Making an order for will call uses local parts delivery trucks.  These are expensive to operate.  We don't want them to deliver parts and handle freight without paying for the service.
Restock Fee:  We reserve the right to charge your account a 25% restock fee on all special order parts.  A special order part is defined as ( delivered from our warehouse to your location). This may not apply to Will Call (parts counter transactions), However, at our discretion we still reserve this right.
Overnight Shipping Charge: Once an order is placed you will be charged the shipping charge regardless of a parts order cancellation.  These shipping costs will be your responsibility.
Handling Fees:  A parts handling fee may be charged to you if the part has to be repackaged, or handled by the warehouse, or our employees.
Returns:  Drop ship method.  To return a part you must receive it.  Submit a return request by E Mail, and then return it.  Please review our "Return Policies".
Returns: Will Call and Local Delivery: Please Email mail us or call us as soon as possible if you want to cancel an order.  This will give us the ability to prevent the part from being delivered. Please review our "Return Policies".
Do Not Refuse Shipment:
  Using the "Drop Ship Method" you should never refuse shipment.  This will cause the part to go back to the warehouse that shipped your part, without giving us the chance to inspect the part.  If you refuse shipment, you will receive no refund.

Below Are Our Parts Policies

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